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We are reading this because you might be interested in a who designed the Midland YMCA Website. It’s seems like a good time to introduce you to our ySite YMCA Website system and introduce you to the Thrive Internet Marketing YMCA Website Designer Team.

What is a ySite?

A ySite is a YMCA pre-configured website developed specifically for YMCAs. Our ySites have 5 main purposes:

  1. Drive New Membership Revenues
  2. Lower member churn by providing online access to all programming
  3. Make it easy for your YMCA to update the website quickly
  4. Conforms to the YMCA branding mandates
  5. Provides an affordable solution that includes a support team

What features does a ySite have?

  1. YMCA News Listings Feature
  2. Countdown Timer
  3. Silent Salesman
  4. Strictly adheres to YMCA Branding and approved color schema
  5. Banner Ad Rotator for corporate sponsors
  6. YMCA secure donations
  7. yBox
  8. Live Chat Integration
  9. Drip and Broadcast email
  10. Social media integration
  11. Membership Rates Matrix
  12. Scholarship Calculator

Midland YMCA’s Instant YMCA Website Transformation


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it take to Deploy a new YMCA Website?

Our ySite YMCA Websites can be deployed in as quickly as 2 weeks and normally launch in about 8 weeks. They are very easy to manage.

Are ySite More Secure than Typical WordPress Websites?

WordPress is the most insecure web sorftware in the world and does not provide a business class solution.

FAQ:  How Much Does a ySite Cost?

A new ySite is very affordable and is not an expense! Your website is a investment in building membership and revenues. It’s your YMCA’s virtual salesperson working 24/7

The Thrive Story:

In 2012 the YMCA/JCC of Greater Toledo hired Thrive to become their YMCA Marketing Agency and rebuild their website and digital presence. Thrive is a Toledo Website Designer so we were just around the corner.

Our Thrive team member, John Eikost, is life-long YMCA member, and a veteran volunteer of the YMCA marketing committee. He was influential because he has a deep understanding organization's objectives, needs, and challenges.

The YMCA  of Greater Toledo launched their new Thrive developed website during the last quarter of 2012  and is still working with Thrive today on their web and digital marketing.

As of September of 2017 we have developed, launched and currently host over 70 YMCA association’s websites.