Y Runners Mileage Tracker

Y Runners is a fitness challenge to run or walk your personal mileage goal in 2018.
Stay motivated this year with a community of like-minded people who will encourage you and keep you moving all year long!

Track Your Miles


Adult Group

Abbey Borrego

Total Miles: 197.01 miles
Personal Goal: 500 miles

 Amy Evans

Total Miles: 325.68 miles
Personal Goal: 365 miles

George Fierro

Total Miles: 26 miles
Personal Goal: TBD

Esther Luna

Total Miles: 310.2 miles
Personal Goal: 720 miles

Maddie Meier

Total Miles: 160.16 miles
Personal Goal: 300 miles

Sara Trevino

Total Miles: 97 miles
Personal Goal: 700 miles


Youth Group