Indian Guides

Welcome to the YMCA Indian Guide website, home of the mighty Midland Nation.

Due to COVID-19 and the Minimum Health Standards issued by the CDC there are no planned campouts at this time. We are continuing the program with the hopes of campouts soon.

We have a proud heritage, one filled with a genuine purpose to bond fathers and sons through memories that endure lifetimes. Camping, crafts, interaction and Christian principles are central to Guides.

The purpose of this site is to inform Midland Nation members about activities and resources for maximizing their Guides experience together as fathers and sons. We also invite those interested to learn more about our purpose and aims and how to join in the fun.

The Purpose:


The purpose of the Y-Indian Guide Program is to foster understanding and companionship between father and son.

Slogan "Pals Forever"

The slogan, "Pals Forever," does not mean that father and son relate to each other as equals, such as two boys who are pals. Rather, it means that father and son have a close, enduring relationship in which there is communication, understanding and companionship. The Y-Indian Guide Program encourages such a relationship by providing a means for father and son to share enjoyable experiences, to observe and learn about one another, and to develop mutual respect.

History Of Guides:

In the Beginning...
"The Indian father raises his son. He teaches his son to hunt, to track, to fish, to walk softly and silently in the forest, to know the meaning and purpose of life and all that he must know, while the white man allows the mother to raise his son." These chance remarks made in the early 1920s by Ojibway Indian hunting guide Joe Friday to Harold Keltner, a St. Louis YMCA director, struck a responsive chord.


The Program:

What is the Y-Indian Guide program?

The Y-Indian program has a long history of providing elementary school age boys and their dads with opportunities for fun times, learning, and mutual understanding.

Y-Indian Guide programs are for dads who want quality, planned, one-on-one time with their sons. Membership in the program is open to every parent with a son K to fourth grade.


Songs and games are an important part of having fun at tribal meetings and outings. Children look forward to and enjoy these times together. Dads find that playing games with their sons provides an excellent opportunity to understand their child better.
These songs are special to the Y-Indian Guide Programs. They can be used to help forge a strong identity among tribal members and reinforce the Y-Indian Guide Programs' aims.


Join Indian Guides:

How do I get involved?

YMCA memberships are not required to join Guides. Joining is an easy two-step process. Here's how...

  • First, complete a registration form. Click here to view and print the registration form (requires Acrobat Reader).
  • Second, deliver form and annual dues to the YMCA, 800 N. Big Spring Street. Annual dues are $50 for Father-Son and slightly higher for multiple sons.

For more information contact the YMCA at 682-2551.

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