Safety Measures for Limited Reopening


As we prepare to reopen May 18, the Midland YMCA is implementing the following safety protocols in an effort to reduce the health risks for members, staff and other visitors to our facility.


  • Single Entry/Exit: To help us maintain our safety protocols, we will maintain a single entry/exit point. Please enter the sliding doors on your right and exit the building using the doors on your right.
  • Screening: Staff, contractors and members will be screened and asked to either sanitize or wash their hands before being allowed to enter per the Minimum Standard Health Protocols set by Governor Abbott.
  • PPE: Members and Staff will be required to wear gloves while they are working out per the Minimum Standard Health Protocols. We will provide non-latex gloves for those not able to provide their own. Disposable masks will be available if you want one and are not able to provide your own, they are not required.
  • Self-Scan: Members will be asked to self-scan to allow for limited contact entry.
  • Designed for Social Distance: All open areas inside the Y have been evaluated and redesigned where necessary to help ensure social distancing between members. Signage will be placed prominently throughout the facility to drive awareness of this requirement.



The YMCA appreciates members’ adherence to the following safety precautions during their visits:

  • Stay Home if You’re Sick: Members should stay home if they don’t feel well. The CDC and state public health officials encourage seniors and members of vulnerable populations, including those with underlying health conditions, to stay at home.
  • Be Ready for Screening Requirements: All members will be required to sanitize or wash their hands before entering.
  • Keep the Kids at Home: We are unable to provide Childwatch service at this time and recommend you not bring children and other family members with you as common area seating will be extremely limited.
  • Bring Gloves: Per the Minimum Standard Health Protocolspatrons must wear gloves that fully cover from the wrist to the fingers while exercising.
  • Keep Your Distance: Please exercise on designated equipment only and respect all signage regarding social distancing. Strive to maintain at least six feet between you and others whenever possible.
  • Expect Reduced Capacity: To ensure proper social distancing, our wellness areas will have a limited capacity.
  • Remember to  Wipe Down Equipment:  Please help us reduce the risk of exposure by wiping down all equipment, weights, mats, etc. with the provided cleaning materials.