Children younger than 16 are not permitted on the fitness floor unless they are ages 12-15 and have successfully completed the Teen Fitness program.

Guest Pass

Due to the increased usage of our facilities and services, guest passes will be limited to three (3) passes effective June 1, 2013. A membership will be required for any further use of the facility after the three passes. All guests are required to provide a picture identification card and complete a YMCA guest pass form.
Adult: $10.00
Children: $5.00
AWAY Members: Contact Member Services Desk

Building Age




Video/Photograph Policy

The use of cell phones, particularly those equipped with cameras, has become prevalent. The concern of YMCA staff and parents is that it is possible for them to be used for corrupt purposes within locker rooms, restrooms or other areas of the YMCA.

Generally, the only photography allowed in the YMCA is through the written consent of the Executive Director or by YMCA staff for Y purposes only. We recognize it is difficult to completely ban cell phones from the facility. However, it is difficult to identify which cell phones are capable of taking pictures. The YMCA has adopted the following policy to protect our members, participants, guests and especially children.

Cellular phone cameras, video recorders, cameras or any other visual recording devices are not allowed within the YMCA locker rooms and restroom facilities. Anyone caught taking pictures of another person in the YMCA or in a YMCA program without permission from the YMCA administrative staff will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and may face termination of their membership.

Code of Conduct:

At the Midland YMCA, we expect staff, members and guests to behave in accordance with our mission and values at all times, respecting the rights and dignity of others. At the YMCA, we demonstrate respect, responsibility, caring, trustworthiness, fairness and citizenship by:

Prohibited actions specifically include, but are not limited to: