Year-Around School Age Child Care

Come in today to register for the Year Around Program.

Register once and you are automatically signed up for 2018/2019 after school and 2019 Summer Day Camp! Both programs are added together and divided by 12 months for your monthly fee. Become a Family Member of the YMCA and save. Registration for Year-Round Child Care is only available until September 30th. All payments are made by credit card or bank draft at the 1st & 15th of each month.  Children with food allergies, must have a "Food Allergy Emergency Plan" sheet filled out and signed by a licensed physician before starting the program.

*Children are automatically enrolled in all Fun Club days. *

* No refunds available on this program

Registration fee:


YMCA Family Member Fees:

$290 per month

Program Participants Fees:

 $407 per month